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Welcome to AGcapita

Agcapita is a farmland investment fund built around the core premise that the world is in a bull market in agriculture commodities driven by increasing demand and, accordingly, that investments with direct or indirect exposure to agricultural commodities in a politically stable environment such as Canada will provide above average returns.  We match sound macro-economic thinking with sound operational strategies to generate long-term returns by finding asset classes with:

- Strong macro drivers - favorable supply/demand situation
- Margin of safety – low asset prices or ability to acquire cash flow cheaply

Agcapita is structured to allow investors to cost effectively allocate a portion of their portfolios to farmland without the need to take on the complex responsibilities of ownership themselves. Agcapita is one of Canada's most experienced farmland fund managers, launching its first fund in Q1 2008, and is Canada's only RRSP eligible farmland investment fund.

- Agcapita Farmland Fund I - closed
- Agcapita Farmland Fund II - closed
- Agcapita Farmland Fund III - closed
- Agcapita Farmland Fund IV - closed
- Agcapita Farmland Fund V - closed
- Agcapita Farmland Fund VI - pending

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