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Agcapita is Canada’s only RRSP eligible farmland investment fund. Agcapita is built around the core premise that the world is in a bull market in agricultural commodities driven by inflation and increasing demand and, accordingly, that investments with direct or indirect exposure to such commodities in a politically stable environment such as Canada will provide above average returns.

Agcapita Farmland Fund I – closed
Agcapita Farmland Fund II – closed
Agcapita Farmland Fund III – closed
Agcapita Farmland Fund IV – closed
Agcapita Farmland Fund V – closed
Agcapita Farmland Fund VI – open

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Agcapita believes farmland is a safe investment, that supply is shrinking and that demand for “food, feed and fuel” will continue to move crop prices higher over the long-term. Agcapita was created to allow investors to add professionally managed farmland to their portfolios.  Agcapita is one of Canada’s most experienced farmland fund managers, launching its first fund in Q1 2008.

Agcapita principals appear regularly in the financial media discussing farmland & hard asset investing generally – click below to view more:

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